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Demonstration Stairlift

Book a Socially Distanced Demonstration Now!
Come and visit us to use our FREE fully operational demonstration unit.

We are delighted to provide you with a no obligation, FREE presentation of our demonstration stairlift unit at our showroom.
The demonstration unit is attached to a 6 step staircase, allowing you to experience the smooth, effort free operation of an Acorn Stairlift.

We are able to provide a comprehensive demonstration and explanation for whatever type or model of stairlift you may be interested in.

You may have questions about installation, reliability, servicing, availability, and installation times.

Our stairlift demonstration will help you decide if a stairlift is for you.

Stairlift pictured - Abercorn 130 Straight Stairlift

Please note, the operation, the function, and swivel action of the straight stairlift chair and the curved stairlift chair are exactly the same. Therefore, if you require a curved stairlift, our straight demonstration stairlift will replicate the action and function of getting on, getting off, and using a curved stairlift.

If the stairlift user is unable to attend the showroom, we will be happy to provide a demonstration to a family member or friend.

Call today on
0800 032 1750.

Demonstration Stairlift Video

Sometimes our location on sat navs is called "Fairlie Quay Industrial Estate".

To find us, please turn off the main road to Fairlie Quay Marina and continue up the hill and over the railway bridge. You may have to stop at the security barrier.

If so, call the reception and the barrier will be raised for you.

In any event, please call Abercorn Stairlifts office (
0800 032 1750) when you are five minutes away and we will direct you to our showroom.

Mrs Anne Sinclair

"The visit to Abercorn's showroom, was easy and straightforward. The staff were very helpful and answered every question."

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