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Abercorn Stairlifts
Tree Planting

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Abercorn Stairlifts are very aware and conscious of the environmental impact of stairlift manufacturing. 

We try to mitigate the environmental impact of everything during the manufacturing processes.

In addition, we try to reduce the environmental impact of our installed stairlifts by making the following commitments after a stairlift is sold and installed:

  • Abercorn Stairlifts will plant five trees for every in-house stairlift survey that is carried out whether you purchase a stairlift or not.

  • Abercorn Stairlifts will plant a further ten trees for every stairlift sale made.

  • Abercorn Stairlifts will plant ten trees per year for five years after every stairlift sale.

Our commitment to the environment means that your survey and any sales of stairlifts contribute to combating climate change by tree planting into the future.

  • If you wish a FREE tree planting kit, either call us or fill out the form.

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Pictured above is Teddy on our demo stairlift in Fairlie, 2 of our 16 week old oak tree saplings and 2 Abercorn Stairlift Tree Planting Kits.

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IMG_9954 copy.JPF
average rating is 3 out of 5

Mr Clarence Howie

"I was delighted with the survey. The tree planting is an excellent idea."

average rating is 3 out of 5

Mrs Nora Falls

"My Granddaughter liked Abercorn's tree planting and was very keen for me to get a survey from them."

To help with our tree planting programme, we will send you, completely FREE of charge, one of our Abercorn Stairlifts Tree Planting Kits.

The kit contains the items required to germinate and grow 3 sessile oak tree saplings which you can plant out and watch grow into the future.

Have fun planting acorns and see them sprout and grow!

Just ask to receive your FREE Abercorn Stairlifts Tree Planting Kit, whether you've ordered a survey or not.

FREE Tree Planting Kit Request Form

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Thanks, we'll be in touch soon!

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