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Can I get my stairlift repaired?

Stairlifts are precise, complex and well-made machines, made to some of the most rigorous safety levels in manufacturing. Although, like anything that involves mechanical or electronic components, breakdowns sometimes occur. Due to the electronic components such as PCBs and micro-processors and the mechanical elements of stairlifts, the complexity to repair a stairlift is reflected in the price.

Call out fees can start at £150, rising with costs of parts. Sometimes the cost to repair an old stairlift can be greater than the cost of a new one.

In these cases, it is more prudent to replace an old, broken down stairlift with a new, warranty-guaranteed stairlift. Getting a quote for a new stairlift will let you know what the best course of action is for the buyer and the user.

Remember, all surveys from us are FREE, immediate pricing and are no-obligation. Customer care is our priority.

A new stairlift gives the buyer and the user much greater peace of mind, taking away the worry of further breakdowns of an old stairlift.

Trade-in allowance and FREE removal

If you choose to replace an old stairlift with a new one from us, we will give you a trade-in allowance against the cost of your new stairlift. We will also take away your old stairlift, completely free of charge and dispose of it ecologically and within all regulations of electrical and mechanical disposal. 


We supply 3 different models of stairlifts:

  • Abercorn 130 Indoor Straight.

  • Abercorn 180 Indoor Curve.

  • Abercorn 130 Outdoor Straight.

Book a Survey

Fill in our easy online booking form or give us a call for free to book a no obligation survey.

Our surveyors take multiple COVID-19 tests a week and are fully equipped with medical-grade PPE.

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